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Mars Blinds can motorize your existing blinds!

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Motorized Shades: Operate the blinds in your home at the touch of a button.

Motorized Nantucket
Motorized Silhouette
Motorized Duette
Motorized Applause

Motorized Pirouette

Motorized Vignette

Motorized Rollers



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A battery-powered, remote control system that moves shades up or down at the touch of a button. No wiring is required, so PowerRise is easy to install, operate and maintain.

Available with Nantucket, Silhouette, Pirouette, Vignette, Roller Shades, Applause and Duette

Motorized Everwood Blinds

Motorized Wood Blinds



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A motorized tilting system that easily tilts slats open or closed by remote control.  Battery operated and wireless for ease and convenience.

Available with Everwood Blinds, Country Woods Blinds, and Aluminum Blinds

Platinum Remote Control and Switch PowerRise, PowerTilt and PowerGlide with Platinum Technology

This proprietary system offers both infrared (IR) line-of-sight and radio frequency (RF) out-of-sight group control.  So now raising, lowering and adjusting window coverings is as simple as touching a button.

  • Combines line-of-sight and out-of-sight group shade control for superior performance
  • Retrofits any PowerRise or PowerGlide operating system
  • Operates all existing PowerRise and PowerGlide window coverings
  • Individual shade operation
    • Focused beam for precise operation; line-of-sight technology
    • Can be used right out of the box, without any programming
    • Two-channel operation provides individual control of adjacent or stacked window coverings
  • Group shade control
    • Control a selected group of window coverings that are in view or out of view
    • Operate up to four individual groups, plus all groups at once


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Woven Woods
Designer Screen Rollers
Designer Rollers



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A sleek, hand-held remote control system for Luminette Privacy Sheers. PowerGlide allows you to open or close the sheers and rotate the fabric vanes. Just point the remote at the wall-mounted satellite eye by the headrail. Simple wiring is required.

Available only with Luminette Privacy Sheers

Hard-Wired Systems with Platinum Technology

Platinum Remote Control and Switch

The hard-wired option offers guaranteed operation with a touch of the designer wall switch and matching remote control.  Installation? Simple. Programming? None.  This is home automation at its best.
  • Platinum Technology is easily integrated with new or existing home automation systems
  • New wall-mounted switch supports both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) control
  • Single stand-alone switch unit replaces multiple components and control up to two window covering motors
  • Controller provides two customer-defined intermediate window covering positions
  • Wiring is easily installed and no programming is required


Hard-wired system with Platinum Technology is only available for Duette, Silhouette, and Vignette.


Remote or Switch
Remote-Controls Units:
  • operating functions are served by a hand-held remote transmitter and a remote receiver mounted near the covering
  • a single remote transmitter can operate up to 12 treatments

Switch-Control Units:

  • a three-position switch is used to operate each window treatment

Both units available with Silhouette, Vignette, Duette, Crosswinds Wood Verticals, Somner Verticals, Provenance Woven Woods, Designer Screen Rollers, and Designer Roller Shades


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Individual Control Central Control Master Control Timer Control

Operate just one shade or blind at a time.
It's easy to operate your window covering. One button lowers the blind or shade, another raises it, and the middle button stops it. You can even use the remote control to operate your window treatment from anywhere in or around your home.

Close all the shades at the touch of a button.

Close all the shades at once!

Control your shades as you wish from one control point.

Control up to 4 shades in unison or separately.

The easy-to-set, versatile timer program lets you control your shades as you wish.
Program what time of day you want your shades to open and close, even when you are away from home! The security function makes it look as if you are at home, even if you are out of town.

Control Options

Single Channel Remote
Single Channel Wall Switch

Control Options

Single Channel Remote
Single Channel Wall Switch

Control Options

5 Channel Remote
5 Channel Wall Switch

Control Option

Wireless Timer

The latest technology in shade automation systems.
It allows you to operate the shades in your home at the touch of a button.

  • wireless battery-operated or plug-in system (Panel Tracks are only available with plug-in AC adapter)

  • Radio Frequency technology eliminates the need to aim the remote

  • wireless remote controls and wall switches with individual and group operation capability allow you to operate multiple shades in your home from one control

  • remote control has a range of up to 90 feet

  • available optional wireless timer switch provides additional security for that "someone is home look" when you are away from home

  • premium lithium battery technology provides 3 or more years of service with no need for replacements

  • 12-Volt battery-powered system is fast for smaller shades

  • 24-Volt and 120-Volt plug-in systems are recommended for very large shades

  • 5 year warranty on the motors and controls in addition to the Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers the shades


Cellular Shades
Shadow Magic
Roller Blinds
Pleated Shades

Roman Shades

Panel Track Blinds

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